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"You are so good. So good, you’re always feeling so much. And sometimes it feels like you’re gonna bust wide open from all the feeling, don’t it? People like you are the best in the world, but you sure do suffer for it."

- Silas House, This is My Heart for You (via larmoyante)

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"there’s still a little bit of me.
that isn’t even me. it’s you."

- 'residue' by Della Hicks-Wilson.
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"The people I have loved in my life have never been easy to love. I’m not used to normal. I’m used to disaster."

- Augusten Burroughs, Dry (via larmoyante)

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Anonymous asked,
What do you do when the person you are in love with doesn't love you back?


Leave. Always leave.

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"Before you say yes, get him angry. See him scared, see him wanting, see him sick. Stress changes a person. Find out if he drinks and if he does, get him drunk - you’ll learn more about his sober thoughts. Discover his addictions. See if he puts you in front of them. You can’t change people, baby girl. If they are made one way, it doesn’t just wear off. If you hate how he acts when he’s out of it now, you’re going to hate it much worse eight years down the road. You might love him to bits but it doesn’t change that some people just don’t fit."

- inkskinned, “My father’s recipe for the man I should marry”  (via bl-ossomed)

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"I wish you were in this room with me right now. I wish I could put my arms around you. I wish I could touch you."

- Her (2013)

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"Whether it’s late afternoon or
two in the morning after I’ve just
woken from a nightmare
I always want to hear your voice
Some days I stare at your contact
in my phone until I can imagine
being brave enough to call you
I won’t be
I never will
Last week, I saw someone folding
origami and thought of you
Every time I pass by an ice rink I
remember that very first day
You’ve worked your way into
every crevasse of my life and I’m
not sure how to get rid of you
I’m not sure I want to"

- "Absence" | Avery Rose

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The part of myself that loved you is dead.

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"You should know,
I only kissed the man at that bar
because I knew he would forget my name
See, you don’t get to be disappointed
if you choose to walk down streets
labelled with “Dead End”
What I mean is, I’m
learning to be alone
I let them pull me close and wrap
their hands around my neck
But I never let them ask any questions
When boys try to learn me, I take
a drink and I walk out the door
I tell myself it’s because I was bored or
tired or just wasn’t feeling anything
But honestly, I just don’t want to give anyone
the chance to know me like you do
How do you do that?
I’ve kissed all different kinds of people
but it doesn’t ever come close to what
I feel when you smile at me
Don’t get mad when I throw myself at
the first boy who wraps his hand around
my waist before he even says hello
I only kissed him because I
knew it wouldn’t hurt
Don’t you know by now?
I would always choose you
But I don’t know if I’m strong enough
I’m afraid that if I let you come
any closer, I’ll fall at your feet
I’m afraid that if you kiss me,
I’ll taste fireworks instead of teeth"

- "Dark Bar Lovers" | Avery Rose

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"I don’t want to see you
It’s taken six months for me to stop
scratching at the scar you left
And I’ve finally grown tired of tasting blood
Don’t come back
I’m not sure I can look at you
without falling into your arms again
My feet become so desperate to get to you
that they can no longer support me
I am weak, I am afraid
If you smile at me I will surely drown
Don’t touch me
I’ve learned to stop needing your touch
but if you hold me again I’ll finally
remember what it feels like to be whole
I thought I didn’t need you anymore
Let’s pretend there’s a part of me that ever believed that
I wonder if you’ve noticed that I’m
still staring at the floor
Truth is, if I take one good look at you
I might never recover
But now that I can reach you, my fingers
are aching to grasp your own
And I know that can’t happen
Every part of me suddenly feels like
a remote without batteries,
a GPS without signal
My hands tremble and my knees cave in
My lungs are shrinking and my tongue
can’t form any words that matter
I grew strong in your absence and I think
that I lost it all the moment I heard
your voice again
Don’t ruin me
Not like the last time"

- "You Shouldn’t Have Come Back"Avery Rose

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